Do you need to transport goods which overall dimensions and/or weight exceed the standard dimensions/carrying capacity of the cargo compartment of the vehicle?

So, you need transportation of oversized cargo. But the arrangement of this kind of transportation requires an integrated and thoughtful approach, competent and clear decisions.

Oversized cargo is:

Heavy cargo which weight exceeds 24 tons
Long cargo which dimension is over 13.6 meters in length
Oversized cargo which dimension exceeds 2.55 meters in width and/or 3 meters in height

The main directions of transportation

Of oversized cargo

TI GROUP has significant practical experience in the transportation of oversized cargo using various means of transport (road, rail, sea, etc.). All this allows us to provide not only real high-quality services, but also a wide geography of directions of international transportation. The Central and Western Europe countries, the Baltic countries are just some of the areas that are most in demand among TI GROUP customers.



1.Agricultural machinery
2.Construction machinery
3.Military machinery
4.One-piece structures and installations
5.Industrial equipment
6.Aircraft and watercraft

Frequently, you need to change more than one type of transport when organizing the international transportation of oversized cargo. However, in most cases, such "change of transport mode" does not occur immediately and it takes several days to wait.

What should you do in this case? Your cargo will not stand on the road and wait for suitable transport! Certainly not!

In this case you need to use services of consolidation warehouse, where your oversized cargo will be temporarily stored until it is loaded onto another vehicle.

And TI GROUP company has this warehouse! It is located on the territory of the European Union (Poland) and, importantly, this warehouse belongs to our company. Therefore, you will not overpay for temporary storage services when cooperating with us. And this, in turn, will help you significantly reduce the final costs of transportation.

Transportation of oversized cargo

by TI GROUP includes

  • Calculation and coordination of the most convenient route for your oversized cargo
  • Selection of the necessary transport, taking into account the characteristics of the cargo itself, delivery time, route and your preferences
  • Coordination and receipt of permits required for the transportation of your oversized cargo to transit countries
  • Providing transportation escort (if necessary) by undercover vehicle, traffic police and armed guards
  • Development of fixation schemes, as well as loading/unloading of your oversized cargo (if necessary)
  • Temporary storage and/or reloading (from one vehicle to another) of your oversized cargo at our consolidation warehouse in Poland
  • Insurance of cargo and all possible risks that may arise during transportation
  • Cargo safety and control of its movement at all stages of transportation
  • On-the-spot addressing of any contingency associated with the transportation of your oversized cargo
  • Round-the-clock opportunity to contact your personal manager from our company and clarify all questions during transportation
TI GROUP company has all the necessary knowledge, competencies and considerable experience in addressing the delivery of oversized cargo. Our company will arrange the transportation of your oversized cargo as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Try it and see for yourself!

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