Each cargo undergoes mandatory warehouse processing at different stages of international transportation. This is an integral part of transport logistics that includes a number of manipulations - from sorting, packaging and labeling of individual consignments to their reloading and temporary storage.


Offers you safe custody services for your cargo using our own consolidation warehouse. It is located in Poland on one of the most advantageous transport routes.



1.Mechanized and (or) manual loading/unloading of goods
2.Reloading of goods under the scheme "vehicle #1 – vehicle #2" or "vehicle #1 – warehouse – vehicle #2"
3.Photographing and weighing goods
4.Acceptance of goods for short-term and long-term safe custody
5.Sorting and packaging of goods, their marking, packaging and repackaging (if necessary)
6.Stacking goods on pallets and preparing for transport
7.Quantitative and qualitative stock turnover accounting
8.Full package of integrated 3PL services

TI GROUP company accepts for storage a wide range of goods, including: dangerous, chemical, fragile, valuable, and oversized cargo, machinery, equipment and much more.

TI GROUP warehouse is located near the border and we have direct contact with the customs. That is why the specialists of our company are always ready to help you in relation to customs clearance, payment of customs duties, VAT refunds and other types of customs procedures. In addition, we can help you with cargo insurance.



The useful warehouse space is 750 m2

Outdoor/indoor CCTV system

Convenient location (the EU territory) and transport links

24-hour security post in the warehouse and parking area (for trucks/trailers)

Reliable alarm and fire extinguishing system

The warehouse operates 24/7

Durable metal racks for europallets and shipping skids

State-of-the-art hardware and software to speed up any cargo handling process

Your benefits

of cooperation with TI GROUP

TI GROUP ensures an individual approach to solving exactly your business matters and tasks related to the transport and temporary storage of cargo.

Convenient location of the warehouse, the ability to receive and process orders via the Internet, the existence of a warehouse management system (SVS) based on barcodes and wireless technology of data transfer, and modern equipment (lifting trolleys, forklifts, etc.), assistance in arranging the shipping documentation, the provision of logistics services and much more.

As you can see, TI GROUP has all the capabilities to quickly and efficiently address any of your matters related to the transport and temporary storage of cargo.

Entrust your cargo and logistics part of your task to our skilled specialists!

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