Road transportation is rightfully considered one of the most popular and universal methods of delivery. In some cases, road transportation may even be the only possible delivery option.

Road transport


Versatility and high passability
Possibility of door-to-door delivery
Control of cargo location at any transport stage
The ability to quickly change the route



organizes the international road delivery of any of your cargo – full load, consolidated, dangerous, or oversized. The geography of road transportation of our company includes the Central and Western Europe countries, the Baltic countries and many others.

Road transportation

of full load cargo

involves delivery where a cargo of one customer occupies the entire volume of the vehicle (or most of it).

Road transportation

of consolidated cargo

means the transportation of a small or medium-sized cargo from different customers, but on the same vehicle and in one direction. Therefore, first, TI GROUP's specialists “collect” small consignments in our own consolidation warehouse, sort them and form the dispatch based on the final delivery point.

In this respect, if the process of transporting your cargo involves the use of several vehicles, we can arrange both reloading and temporary storage of your cargo at our TSW in Poland.


by TI GROUP includes

1.Operational processing of orders
2.Development of the most convenient route
3.Meeting deadlines (according to the contract)
4.Comprehensive forwarding service
6.Safety of cargo and control of its location
A wide geography of transportation, a favourable territorial location, qualified specialists, optimal prices, long-term experience and established partnerships with various companies around the world (logistics, insurance, transport, etc.) allow us to offer you the most profitable terms of cooperation.

Try it and see for yourself!

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